Intergalactic Interviews - Episode 71 - Alex Sparling

[Viewer Discretion Advised!] Episode 71
We are back from the dead and we have stories.
From our new home located within Float House [Vancouver Real Podcast Studios]. Our guest this week is friend of the show and all-around great guy Alex Sparling. Alex Sparling is a stand-up comedian who has been featured on NBC, SliceTV, etc... He is the 2015 Vancouver Yuk-Off Champion (Yuk-Yuk) and co-hosts Eight 1/2 Inches of Comedy with Devin Alexander every Monday at 9PM
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Recorded on location at Vancouver Real Podcast Studios
[photo: Donavan Patrick Mahoney]
[Intro theme: Noobie Noobinson & The Boomsday Alliance - The Party (Season 3) ]


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