September 2015 - Update (podcast, new albums, news, etc...)

When I started Intergalactic Interviews I had one idea: creating an outlet for the music I was producing.

The podcast began to quickly evolve. The show started as just my own production diaries and updates. It soon became a vehicle to grow verbally through conversations with other musicians, vocalists, actors, directors, SEO experts, comedians...etc.

Those of you who were following along during the series run of Knights of Dunsmuir will already know that I wasn't posting episodes of Intergalactic Interviews during that time. The plan was always to get both shows running simultaneously but that's not how it worked out.

When Intergalactic Interviews returned a few months ago with the Spree Killers (Episode 67) I was in the midst of producing eight different albums for eight different artists/bands. Producing is an insane, time-consuming process. It can be an easy time or it can be one of the most difficult and arduous experiences of your life.

Fortunately my experiences have been overwhelmingly in the majority of positive. My situation, however, has been time-management. Even eight projects going amazingly well will absolutely drain you of all your energy. All of it.

You know what I want to do right now?

You know what I don't want to do?

This is why I don't post on social media what I am doing creatively every day. Yes, I know I post often and invade many of your timelines daily but I don't really post a fraction of what I am doing in the studio. I don't have a lot of time to do that.

Which brings me to my overall point:

We (AMP Records) recently moved studio/offices and that event has left us without a home for the podcast temporarily. I am taking this transition period for the label to go on "vacation" for 30+days or so until the move is complete. I am already well into a week of this time and I am enjoying just being a human for awhile.

Inside my head, however, a storm of ambition is choking me the fuck out and wants to scream and burn everything down creatively until the ashes become my next project...but until this "vacation" is over the madness can chill out for awhile. I have Netflix to catch up on and Jack Daniels to devour.

You are all so amazing and incredible. Thank you for supporting the podcast so far! The best is yet to come! We are going to re-launch with an even better setup and continue to bring you interesting, incredible guests with fascinating stories.

There are some amazing pieces of music to be released. There are some amazing episodes to record. There are glasses of Jack to drink.

- MD

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[photo: Dave Erickson]

[photo: Dave Erickson]