Intergalactic Interviews - Episode 68 - Bert Easterbrook X Dana Larsen

See that gentleman in the right of the photo with the black eye?
That's Bert Easterbrook.
Did you know he recently burned his heroism award from the Stanley Cup Riots of 2011 in front of Vancouver City Hall due to the unlawful treatment and injuries he received from the VPD at the Canada Day/Cannabis Day protests in Vancouver?
We sit down to hear his side of the story and we are also fortunate to have politician/writer/marijuana activist Dana Larsen (pictured left) on the show to discuss the recent unlawful arrests of Neil Magnuson and several others on Cannabis/Canada Day and the treatment of the state of marijuana reform and education.
Are you ready? Let's do this!

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Bert recommends these documentaries for education:

The Crime of The Canadian Banking System

Oh Canada Our Bought And Sold Out Land

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