Intergalactic Interviews - Ep. 65 - MD [solo listener update]

Episode 65
So I was medium-sick/recovering and I decided to do a quick little episode updating you lovely people on what is going on lately. Namely:
- a new podcast w/VanCityBuzz x Trevor Dueck
- returning to the stage
- the Thursday Releases of music in 2015 so far
- hosting "The Mix" music showcase every last Tues. of the month at The Belmont in Vancouver, BC

Let me know what you feel about the songs being released. Make it public and share your thoughts!

Are you ready? Let's do this!

Download/Stream for your work day or exercise routine.


Check out the weekly Thursday Releases I have in 2015 so far!
1) Week #1
Good As Gone (Promo)

2) Week #2
No One Can Pass feat. Kwasi Thomas x Ryan Morrissette…/no-one-can-pass-feat-kwas…

3) Week #3
Showtime feat. Saint Kris…/showtime-feat-saint-kris

4) Week #4

5) Week #5

6) Week #6
Speak Up


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