Intergalactic Interviews - Kwasi Thomas x C - Mart - Episode 19

Episode 19
I used to host a different podcast. That podcast was "The Boomcast" (RIP). This week was a mini-Boomcast reunion with none other than Kwasi Thomas & C-Mart of The Boomsday Alliance.
Kwasi is a professional comedian/actor and is a long-time active member of the entertainment community as seen in the Vancouver Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs and many more independent showcases. C-Mart is an experienced video game designer (Relic/THQ, Sega, etc...)and has live entertainment booking experience within the music industry.
[Music this week by: Noobie Noobinson & The Boomsday Alliance - Frigazon Complex]

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Feb. 19th - Rush - ShawTV - [TV PROMO]
Feb. 20th - BreakfastTelevison (BT) - CityTV - [TV PROMO]
Feb. 20th - Hecklers - Victoria, BC - "Underground Comedy Railroad"
Feb. 22nd - RIO Theater - Vancouver, BC - "Underground Comedy Railroad"

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