Intergalactic Interviews - Jesse Lebourdais - Episode 3

Episode 3

Our guest today is punk/folk music rising star Jesse Lebourdais. Tons of tour & life experience and unique views on Chi Pig(SNFU), Joey Cape, the uselessness of MMA & his general radness. Stream/Download here!

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About Jesse Lebourdais:

"Steeped in the folk tradition of musical story-telling and fuelled by the raw emotion of the hardcore scene, Jesse blends and blurs genres into honest, heart-felt lyrics that make you want to scream along and melodies that you can’t help but stomp to. With over 200 shows under his belt, two full length records, two E.P,‘s and a new 7" on the way, he shows no signs of slowing down. With shouted songs of life, fortitude and despair, Jesse’s music is a testament to a life well wasted doing what you love with honestly, integrity and heart."

[Photo Credit: Jess Hobbs]